Our homemade candy is created in our stores on a daily basis. You will love our classic flavors with a freshness not found at other candy sellers. With all our unique flavors, both kids and adults are sure to find something to love. To complement our homemade candy, we also offer bulk candy products, such as gummy bears and gummy worms, chocolate covered blueberries and red velvet cherries, as well as chocolate covered nuts supplied by an Indiana company.


Everyone loves going to the festival and getting a paper cup full of scrumptious cinnamon glazed nuts. Because of Completely Nuts and Candy Company, the festival does not have to be in town to enjoy a classic delicious treat. We are one of the few places in the area who sell these sweet nuts and offer them in beautiful trays. The quality and taste are to die for.


This is not your basic microwave popcorn. Completely Nuts and Candy Company’s popcorn offerings include our private recipe caramel corn made with real butter, cane sugar and pure vanilla; cheesy corn made with real cheddar cheese; as well as a variety of both savory and sweet flavors in brilliant colors available for special order. Our popcorn is great for any occasion, as a gift, or included in a gift basket. Order it in your daughter’s favorite flavor for her birthday party. Get it in your school’s colors for a graduation party. The flexibility of this product makes it a special touch for any occasion, and the mouthwatering flavors will leave you wanting more.

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